Functional testing

System requirements


arrangeit functional testing is done inside a VirtualBox virtual machine created with Vagrant. In Ubuntu, you may install VirtualBox by issuing the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install virtualbox virtualbox-guest-utils \
    virtualbox-guest-x11 virtualbox-guest-dkms


Vagrant may be downloaded from:

In Ubuntu, install downloaded package with:

$ sudo dpkg -i vagrant_2.2.6_x86_64.deb


You may install Ansible in ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install ansible

Another way is installation by pip for the current user:

$ pip install ansible --upgrade --user

Memory and disk space requirements

2GB of RAM is assigned to a virtual machine in the arrangeit Vagrantfile located in tests/vm subdirectory.

A virtual machine will occupy approximately 10GB of disk space upon finished installation, together with the size of related Vagrant box/image.

So in the case of three virtual machines you should have available at least 6GB of RAM and 30GB of disk space if you want to test them all at once. For testing one virtual machine at a time you’ll need 2GB of RAM and 10GB of disk space.

Running tests

Robot Framework functional tests for arrangeit will run automatically for every Vagrant virtual machine if you invoke the following command from the tests/vm directory:

$ vagrant up

That command will - in serial for all defined Vagrant machines - download the Vagrant box if it isn’t already downloaded, install the OS in an idempotent way and finally run the Robot Framework functional tests for arrangeit.

Run the same command with added virtual machine name if you want to run tests for a single virtual machine:

$ vagrant up xfcevm

If the provision phase has failed or you’ve updated some provisioning ansible task, then you may re-initiate provisioning with:

$ vagrant up --provision xfcevm

Maintenance and cleaning

To update downloaded Vagrant boxes to the latest available versions, you should invoke the following command:

$ vagrant box update

You may save extra space by removing the obsolete boxes with:

$ vagrant box prune